Welcome to Gunning and Company

Moving and Estate Sales Philadelphia PA

Gunning & Company originated as a fine art, antiques, vintage toy trains and collectibles company over 40 years ago. We are now almost exclusively focused on liquidation, downsizing, moving and estate sales. Our past experience makes us extremely well versed in the antiques and collectibles market. As such, we are experts in the buying and selling process, know what constitutes a fair price, and extremely well connected.

At Gunning & Company we offer a wide range of services designed to assist clients with the often difficult and emotionally-charged tasks associated with moving or liquidating an estate. We have extensive experience working with individual owners, executors and trustees. If equitable distribution services are needed, we have expert legal counsel on staff to facilitate and answer all of your questions.

Meet us, and learn more about us, in the short (1.5 minute) video below. Contact us (610-551-1528) if you have questions or want to schedule a free consultation. You can signup for free newsletters and notifications about upcoming sales at the bottom of the page.